Change of scenery

My blog has been dead for some time now. Mostly due to having two hyper-active kids and everything that follows with having a family. But I recently got the chance to start as a Systems Engineer at Aruba Networks here in Denmark. So I have decided to start blogging again about my new employment and […]

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HP´s response to Meraki is here

It took a while but HP´s response to Cisco´s Meraki has hit the market. Say welcome to HP Cloud Network Manager! So far it looks like a joint-venture with Aruba who already has a cloud solution on the market, just with a HP twist to it.   HP is launching with three AP models each […]

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Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1

Good news! Prime Infrastructure 2.1 is out and available.  But instead of getting a upgrade path from 1.4 we only get a 2.0 -> 2.1 upgrade. It seems that all that was promised in the 2.1 upgrade the last 6 months are postponed to 2.2. So no new LMS features, and were still waiting on […]

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IMC UAM Radius and IPv6

Yesterday while installing IMC for an POC (proof of concept) I stumbled on a problem with configuring radius on the UAM module. I had everything lined up and configured, but nothing was working! My access device which was a MSM controller was sending radius requests towards the IMC radius server on 1812, but was not […]

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IMC operator LDAP / SSL authentication

IMC administrator / operators can be externally authenticated via LDAP or Radius. Combine LDAP authentication and a Active Directory and you get and easy way to authenticate your IMC administrators. LDAP is relatively easy to setup if you´re using the basic configuration without encryption (SSL). While an easy and quick setup is nice now and […]

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IMC 7.0 E0202

Since my change to HP networking, I´ve been working steadily on gaining experience on every aspect of HP networking products. One product in particular is HP´s IMC which is their solution to network management. In the past I have solely worked on Solarwinds and hold a SCP. But i´m pretty impressed with IMC and the […]

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The starting point of my new blog

So it´s official… i´ll try and start blogging about everything networking and perhaps a little personal note once in a while :-D First and foremost this blog will be about my life as a network specialist. I have worked with Cisco for 10 years now and have recently acquired a new job which entails a […]

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